Big Data

Big Data – Please stand up

There would be hardly anyone in the Corporate world who is untouched by the eureka moment data analysis has provided. In our daily work life we generate lot of analysis and reports. We also claim to have reached a nirvana stage on real time data analysis but almost everyone runs short of the benefit projection […]

Work life Balance

Work life balance – French call it an Evening

Recently we have lot of discussions around how and why French policy is encouraging employees to disconnect from work after 6. Discussion on work life balance and what may be done to come to agreement with Labor union laws and Courts defending the tech workers time. 1. French have legalized tech workers to work about […]

HR - Disruption

HR – Digital Disruption

Well, I did a little research after watching this video below (Thanks to LinkedIn Pulse) about how some companies handle their HR with out having a HR department. Technology is disrupting many things around us and that includes Process improvement (Checkout this Webinar from IBM) We want people to engage, read their emails (that’s a […]


Implementing lean six sigma -Top Challenges for Leadership

What are the key challenges and action items for Leadership when implementing lean six sigma? Top Challenges For any organization is to align its leaders so that they lead by example. To bring true change and build advocates is of prime importance, not just outside but also within organization. To realize true benefits of business […]


Organizational roadblocks to Process improvements,Lean Six Sigma Deployment and Transformation

via Globalproductivitysolutions Companies put lot of effort and investment to control wastes, Optimize processes and educate and train employees. Improving a process remains a challenge for everyone. Lean six sigma provides an approach and methodology to address many issues around processes and systems across the organizations. But before we talk of how Lean Six sigma […]


Telehealth Initiatives

When the Information technology boom came one of the most discussed aspect was the transformation it will bring in healthcare. We did see some activity around this but it did not really take off as expected, Healthcare is a fundamental need not just in U.S but around the World. The good news is because of […]


Top Trends in 2014

Here are the Top trends in 2014.Trends are considered an important indicator of the things to come and are related closely to a Fad. The interesting thing about them is that they may be short lived or linger for a long time but shall surely keep changing and that’s the way everyone likes it. So […]

Future Control

Internet of everything is worth $19 Trillion

Internet has been around for some time and has really contributed to doing things easier, cheaper and better (May not have transformed our life…or has it?) Cisco notches up some figures for you and estimates this market to be of $ 19 Trillion. The Internet of everything or Internet of things is seen as the […]

Traffic Jam

Quality in Cheap and Used Cars

There was a time when it was difficult to imagine that Cars will replace the Horses. I am reminded of a quote – “Horses are here to stay …Cars are just a fad” (Not sure who said that). Well Cars have truly taken over the Horses (Are they a extinct species now?) Car sales world […]


Disruptive Technology in 2014

A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market and value network, and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network (over a few years or decades), displacing an earlier technology. The term is used in business and technology literature to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that […]