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By: Celestine Chua

Mediocrity saves the day

Mediocrity Out, Excellence In: Awesomely Simple? – Forbes http://news.google.com Thu, 24 Jul 2014 13:00:24 GMT ForbesMediocrity Out, Excellence In: Awesomely Simple?ForbesGood leaders always bring about transformation. Poor leaders only maintain and preserve long-standing mediocrity. Harsh words, it might seem. But in this age of sound bites and image control … Read more … There is […]


The hype and perspective of cloud solutions

Cisco the networking giant predicts cloud traffic to grow 4.5 fold from a 1.2 zettabytes of annual traffic in 2012 to 5.3 zettabyte by 2017. (Zettabyte = billion terabytes). Most of the traffic on cloud is driven by people or businesses demanding access to personal, business and entertainment content beyond location and device. This is […]

Coffee pod

Lean Agriculture – Bringing real value to feed the world

Lean may have found a name from manufacturing or IT but the fact remains that you find amazing lean applications in agriculture, even without taking the name. Lean agriculture might be catchy as a term but lean is not new to agriculture. here are some interesting artifacts that will make you wonder. Don’t miss the […]

Travel WFM

Challenges to Mobility for Workforce management and Cost optimization

How can you improve work force management and optimize your labor costs? Many companies are facing difficulty in better managing the workforce today. With multiple legacy systems around time tracking, accrual and attendance systems; Workforce managers realize that the current time tracking, accrual and attendance systems have limitations and are greatly inflexible to the complex […]


The History of Mobile Technology in Business [Infographic]

The history of mobile is very fascinating, Here is a very informative info graphic.It’s almost 30 years since first commercial call was made on a Cell phone; Today Smartphone is almost like a mobile PC and much more than a device, just to talk to others. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White) by Samsung 178 […]


BYOD – Is it time for policy making?

A lot of organizations across the world are seeing productivity and performance gains with BYOD movement. It’s clear that BYOD is not really a flash in the pan deal. What is really compelling this movement and should you start working for a strategy and policy making for BYOD in your own organization? BYOD is seen […]

Change Process

Top 5 Pathetic waste generating processes, everyone wants to change

A lot of us come across processes in our organizations which if we had a choice, we would have just avoided. Here are some top “pain processes” every organization has… which generally generate waste, invite dissatisfaction and contribute to the “popular notion” shaping up “culture” across organization. 1. Background verification – The turmoil of joining […]


Organizational Roadblocks – Dealing with change resistance

Image via Instagram LSSBB Role in change management Acting as a communication channel for top management to their change efforts. Formulating and deploying incentive and reward mechanisms and working on the same with top management and employees. Effectively communicate and ensure transparency amongst team members. Selecting and developing the six sigma team. The Attitude Pie Of […]

Big Data

Big Data – Please stand up

There would be hardly anyone in the Corporate world who is untouched by the eureka moment data analysis has provided. In our daily work life we generate lot of analysis and reports. We also claim to have reached a nirvana stage on real time data analysis but almost everyone runs short of the benefit projection […]